Secure your mobile phone and tablet – NOW!

If you haven’t done this already, you have no more excuses.  You need to protect your mobile devices from theft and loss and you need to do it now. The 2 best available solutions (for Android and iPhone) are both simple, free and easy to use.

Lookout_PhotoFor Android phones and tablets – go to the Google Play store and download the Lookout Mobile Security App.Lookout is a multipurpose app that protects your devices from all kinds of security threats.  If you lose your phone, Lookout can locate it.  If you misplace your phone, Lookout can make it wail and scream until you find it (my favorite and most used feature).  If your phone or tablet is stolen, you can not only locate it but you can lock or wipe it completely.  Add to that virus protection and automatic backups of your phone or tablet data and you have a complete (and did I mention free?) protection suite.

Simply create an account at the Lookout website to register your phone or tablet and have fun exploring the security features.  It really is amazing how accurate the auto-location feature is, even with the phone’s GPS turned off.

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If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, head over to the iTunes store right now and search on Find My iPhone.  You will get all the same features that Lookout gives you on Android including the ability to lock and wipe your device.  Note that Lookout also has an iOS app but it does not include the lock and wipe features found in Find My iPhone.  Apple has made that capability proprietary to their own devices and software.FindMyiPhoneI


Find My iPhone has a neat little feature that prevents the phone from being turned off when lost and locks the phone with a notice providing the “finder” with the option to call you and arrange for the return of the phone or tablet.

You will need an iCloud account to register and use the app, but if you have an iphone or iPad, you’ve probably already got one.

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